La roulotte de Montfée

Tree Wizard

Note – As we work this wood spirit face you will see me return to previous cuts to re-shape or deepen them. Each new cut that you make changes the face, so I simply will go back and adjust the surrounding areas as needed. During this project I will be working the wood spirit face along one 90 degree edge of the block. By working off the edge I automatically begin my carving with the correct angle between the nose ridge and the sides of the face. After the carving is complete I can use a dowel pin to center the wood spirit to my walking stick staff, and drill the receiving hole. While roughing out the wood spirit with the chisels, I step back often to look at my progress to see that all is going as planned.

Don’t skimp here or you won’t have enough area to give your spirit a proper eye structure. Also, note that the sockets I drew resemble the shape of a pair of aviator sunglasses. I don’t like my mustache, beard, or hair to be too smooth or straight, so I generally swing things around a bit. After pushing in the gouge, I used my bench knife to cut along the top of the mustache and then cut down to meet this cut. Now I ask, “Who said we aren’t chip carvers? In no way does the nose sit flat on the face in this carving.

Cedar Root Tree Spirit Wood Spirit Carving

We were all working hard pushing forward; the concern of possible defeat was now a march to victory over this piece of cottonwood. We broke for lunch at noon and headed over to the Olive D. Campbell Dining Hall for some good home cooking and fellowship with other students and visitors to the Folk School. These folks have traveled both near and far, intercontinental to abroad for this unique experience.

forest spirit wood carving

Saturday, around 4 pm my four colleagues were finished with their Native American carving and were applying a coating of Orange Oil and Beeswax to seal their creation. With time left on the clock Billy moved them onto a new project, Wood Spirit carving, an unexpected bonus from our instructor. A wood spirit is a carving of a bushy haired long bearded mountain man. Not only are Wood Spirits carved on small wall hanging and walking sticks, I’ve also seen them carved on fully matured trees in people’s yards.

Unique Tree Spirit Wood Face Carving On Bark ~ Signed ~ Canada ~ 12

I buy my bark from Alex Bissof of Billings, Montana. I have never been disappointed with the bark that he sends me. I have actually done a lot of wood cuting my self, end everything i have made have been sold before it was finish. If someone asked me to give a single word to describe what I felt about trees, the world would be life. My next oldest brother carves wood and sells the results online.

forest spirit wood carving

The term ‘knock on wood’ was believed to have originated with hunters and woodsmen who, upon entering the forest, would knock on a large, old tree to awaken the spirit to ensure no evil came to them. Others would search the forest to try and spot a natural Wood Spirit. They would search in fallen logs, broken branches, and small tree trunks; but the Wood Spirits were so elusive, they could only be seen by a person of pure heart and good intentions. I occasionally carve tree wizards in cottonwood bark. Several years ago I searched the internet and came up with several bits of lore, which I print (double-sided business card) and attach, via a string, to each carving. This was not intended to provide a complete, or accurate, history of these creatures, but to give the recipient a little idea of why these carvings are so popular.

Chainsaw Carving Wood Spirit And Bird

Curve of mouth and gimlet eye show spirit in which he mines,  »Come to my potlatch and be amed.Apr. 17, After a feast this beckoning figure of wood, clutching forest spirit wood carving a valuable  »copper » shield, was put up before host’s house. Curve of mouth and gimlet eye show spirit in which he mines,  »Come to my potlatch and be amed.

  • I now remembered the JCC hostess telling us the night before to expect a life changing spirit in this unique creative atmosphere and know that you will make friends.
  • Don’t take the eyeball in too deep and spend extra time here.
  • After I finish shaping the nose, I draw in the eye sockets.
  • Of the barks that I have carved, my favorites are Plains cottonwood and Black cottonwood.
  • I am looking forward to see you in our Facebook Guild where we share our passion about this hobby.

Wood spirit carving by Murray Watson wood carving hand made wooden face whimsy ooak driftwood carving wood spirits tree spirit carving. Forest Wizard Tree Spirit is hand carved from chinaberry wood from the island of Bali. The chinaberry is known for the unique formations in the wood, caused by a type of mushroom that grows into the branches. The carvers then gather these branches for carving and incorporate the unique shapes caused by the growth into their carvings. From these beliefs, people carved wood spirits on their walking sticks to acknowledge the tree spirits and gain their protection. This is where the famous ‘green man head’ comes from, which is carved onto front doors, believed to protect the home from evil forces.

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