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Exact Edge Sharpening

Insures the most accurate spring pressure with a blade scale. If you choose to pay with a check as your payment method, please be sure to enclose your check in the package. Enter quantity of large and/or small blades being sent for sharpening. It is time to reassemble the clipper and reattach all parts.

clipper blade sharpening

This particular guide is going to be different. Here is a practical, no-nonsense and step-by-step guide on how to sharpen clipper blades using a stone. While the whetstone soaks, remove the clipper blades from the clipper. There are two screws on the face of the clipper blade to take off. Put the screws aside, somewhere you won’t forget.

Blade & Scissor Sharpening

Move the blade from one side to another for like 10 times without stopping. After doing this, the blade should be looking sharpened and shiny. Observe if it cuts smoothly and easily, or if it is still choppy and rough? If it’s the latter, do another 10 passes and check again. However, 12 works like magic, especially when you’re dealing with rusty blade surfaces.

  • For instances that you don’t have a stone, you can sharpen your blades with wire or aluminium foil or even sandpaper.
  • This plate demagnetizer removes all magnetized particles from the clipper blade in seconds.
  • Some barbers I know put their clippers through so much hair they need to sharpen them every two months.
  • From a nice smooth cut to a buzzing irritating sound.

All of the stones I’ve shared with you are water stones. And they will work really great for the sharpening process. Using water stones will require that you soak them before you commence anything at all. These stones will need a little lubricant before starting if they are Arkansas or Diamond.

Each Blade Is Tested To Insure It Glides Smoothly Through The Hair With Little Or No Effort

The Number Of Grit a sharpening machine Has The More Finer The Polish Will Be. In the third step, we are using the sharpening machine. The sharpening machine is The Most Necessary Piece Of Equipment You Are Going To Use. After removing the blades, the next thing to do is clean up the hair trash that has piled inside the small teeth holes of the blade. This is also an important step that you should not ignore. This machine can sharpen practically any type of edge tool.